The background of LinkWorth is based on the struggles of making an online business successful. With over 10 years of marketing experience on the internet using conventional methods, the owner/creator of LinkWorth was being run into the ground with pay-per-click advertising. What used to be a great return on investment marketing campaign, pay-per-click (PPC), it began ripping the monthly advertising budget to shreds due to the onset of "click fraud". Countless of hours on the phone with Overture(Yahoo!), Google, Findwhat and a long list of no names yielded the same result almost every time..."Sorry, we can't help you. The traffic appears to be valid."
The next phase was setting up a very costly tracking system that would thumb print each visitor with all of their info, the length of time remaining on our site, pages viewed and origin. With hard evidence in hand that an individual with any degree of common sense could understand, it was presented to the PPC companies in hopes of a resolution and end to this fraudulent activity. Again, the same result..."Your results do not seem to be valid, and the traffic does. We cannot help."
When you're spending thousands of dollars a day, you expect to make thousands of dollars a day at the minimum. This was not the case now. Thousands of dollars were being spent and PPC accounts being drained, yet there were very few sales coming through. This prompted the LinkWorth creator to seek something new that would provide the traffic needed without the thousands upon thousands of dollars being spent on PPC. Revisiting old methods like banners, pop-ups, pop-under, email marketing, offline print, radio, television and several other niche methods were just not providing any results.
Then one day speaking with the owner of a call center, the idea of natural search engine placement was discussed. This call center was appearing in the first spot on Google and Yahoo when you entered their main keyword "call center". The owner explained an "SEO Expert" had placed them in this position by using "secretive techniques" and achieved this in a very quick manner. Being at the end of the rope with online advertising, the owner began researching, reading, testing this theory of search engine optimization and understanding the inner workings of search engine algorithms. This led to pushing the previous business to the number one spot on all major engines based on the top keywords with much success. Once the basic idea of a search engine mind was realized, transforming a website into search engine friendly code, having an abundance of content related to the website theme and building link popularity were the "secretive techniques" that were not told.
With the content and onsite optimization being fairly simple to achieve, the toughest part of the equation was the building of link popularity. The goal was to achieve as many one way links (inbound only) to the website as possible. The only problem with this was keeping up with all of it. Put yourself past 20-30 link partners and it turns into a full time job making sure your link is up and then keeping up with the payments being made all over the place with several different payment methods. This led to the "thought" of having some type of program that would help automate all of this link building. After several weeks of searching for an already built system to purchase, the owner decided nothing existed to meet his needs. The next step would be finding someone to build it for him.
During the end of 2003 and first of 2004 a search was on for a qualified programmer to hire and build this proprietary program solely for the owner. The search was finally over and work began in February of 2004. An outline was provided and tweaked and changed as time went on while the owner continued doing everything manually and forgetting links all over the place. The first working prototype was ready for testing around May of 2004 and the results were a bit shaky, but the tasks were being handled with much success. Fine tuning and additions continued as testing did as well. The owner began showing other friends in the internet business to hear opinions and feedback. The response was amazing. Everyone wanted to use the LinkWorth system and wanted to pay big chunks of money to have their own copy.
After allowing a few business friends to use the system for a small fee and realizing this might be something others could benefit from, who might be in the same situation of losing money through PPC, the owner decided to make LinkWorth public system individuals could use for a small fee. The initial interest was quite amazing and it was during the beta period where many sections were still in development. Realizing the demand, more work power was added to completing the system to a full working release. In October of 2003 LinkWorth celebrated its full launch. All major components were working and things were ready to handle everything.
LinkWorth today is a steadily growing community housing thousands of partner website listings and advertisers ranging from the smallest of online companies to Fortune 500 companies like HP. The name LinkWorth is quickly becoming the name people reference when text link advertising or natural listings are spoken of. Our customer support is far above what anyone expects and account management is superior to anything else found on the net. The system allows anyone to manage their own account at their own pace and/or budget, as well as the option to turn the account over to a LinkWorth specialist which will free up your valuable time to run the business.
As the legacy of LinkWorth continues to pave new avenues of online advertising, the one target any LinkWorth employee will tell you is most important is, "Trust". Earning our customers trust is more important to their business. If trust exists, business will follow.


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